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January 2017

"My doctor literally saved my life – not an overstatement! Staff was very friendly and flexible, yet the days were structured. I have my life back! Now to hang onto it! Thank you." – Male, 39, Outpatient

"The therapy groups are amazing and really helped me in my recovery. My doctor is awesome as well. I am very, very impressed with this entire program." – Male, 38, Outpatient

"I have an awesome therapist. She is very encouraging, supportive and provides great insight into situations." – Female, 51, Outpatient

"Staff was attentive to needs of patients. Kitchen staff was awesome at meeting dietary needs. Overall my stay was great." – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

"I received a great deal of help overcoming certain OCD issues. Staff ensured I stayed safe and did an incredible job with one on one. They keeping me busy and my mind occupied while being very friendly." – Male, 24, Mental Wellness

"I want to commend the staff overall for their compassion and professionalism when I felt most vulnerable. They are true icons in the field." – Male, 47, Mental Wellness

December 2015

"Incredible staff. My therapist has been a huge support, offering amazing feedback and challenging our personal beliefs." – Female, 26, Outpatient

"Far exceeded my expectations on every level. Quality of care from therapists was outstanding." – Male, 33, Outpatient

"Everyone helped me exactly as much as I needed, and I am glad for the others in group therapy who also gave validation, feedback and suggestions." – Female, 22, Outpatient

"This program has helped me establish my sobriety path for the rest of my life. It has helped me focus inward instead of outward (reacting negatively to external situations). This program has helped me develop the tools to fight my disease. Priceless!" – Female, 59, Outpatient

"I have hope in my heart. I believe my doctor and all of the staff saved my life. I am a healthier, happier human today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." – Female, 41, Outpatient

"My doctor was phenomenal. He is the first psych doctor that I have felt comfortable with, and his method is highly effective. I would recommend him to anyone." – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

"Staff was amazing. Once I stopped denying I needed some help, realized I wasn't going to lose my job and just let go, I was amazed at how helpful everyone was. Even the other patients and interactions were very helpful. Thank you so much." – Female, 47, Mental Wellness

November 2016

"Very comfortable alcohol detox with quick and responsive medical treatment." – Male, 37, Addiction Recovery

"Your staff is amazing . Everyone worked as a unit and truly cared." – Female, 25, Addiction Recovery

"All staff was amazing and very helpful in my recovery process. I cannot thank them enough." – Male, 23, Outpatient

"The care and compassion is unparalleled. I am better and healthier because of the care I am receiving. Thank you." – Female, 41, Outpatient

"Thank you very much. This program, focusing on both therapy and physical addiction, is exactly what I have been seeking for years. I hope all future patients get as much out of this program as I did." – Male, 41, Outpatient

"What happened here will be with me a long time - learned a lot about myself, and I am optimistic about negotiating my way forward." – Male, 72, Mental Wellness

"You have an amazing group of staff. I couldn't have asked for anything better! It's such a great feeling to find comfort in the care you receive. I will forever be grateful for such a great experience." – Female, 26, Mental Wellness

"There was never a time where I felt like a pain to the staff. They were always caring, willing to help, and empathetic." – Female, 37, Mental Wellness

"It has been a life changing experience. I can’t say thank you enough! God sent!" – Female, 43, Mental Wellness

"The staff made me feel like they care about what I had to say about my mental state." – Female, 22, Mental Wellness

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