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March 2017

"I was very apprehensive and anxious on the first day, but was encouraged (not pressured) to speak out and attend all sessions. By the next day I was more relaxed and ready to participate in my recovery. The staff was awesome! I have been in the position to hire and fire during my career, I would hire every one of them." – Female, 61, Addiction Recovery

"My doctor is a great addition to this hospital. I was extremely satisfied with his abilities to find the right medications for me. I am also very satisfied with the nurses I had, they were all very professional.” – Male, 42, Addiction Recovery

"This has been a really great experience. Group therapy was awesome and as was working with my therapist and doctor. I have a positive outlook for the future, and my medications have me hopeful that I will find long-term recovery. Thank you so much." – Male, 52, Outpatient

"Overall great treatment, the staff genuinely cared, and I feel great. I'm optimistic about the future of my treatment and glad I'm still alive to have gotten the help that I did." – Male, 21, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"The staff truly cares, and they never came across as doing it because it's their job. The program would not be what it is without the staff you have." – Male, 31, Addiction Recovery

"My counselor is excellent, and I learned a lot in her group. I had the best doctor I've ever been to. He immediately got my meds right and has been a huge help." – Female, 34, Outpatient

"A wonderfully talented staff that will be missed. Cottonwood Springs is responsible for saving my life and giving me the strength to move forward with determination and courage. I am deeply thankful." – Female, 66, Outpatient

"Saved my life. I can't say thank you enough for the care, help, and support I received here. A huge huge thank you to my therapist and doctor. They both have really made a difference in my life. Thank you." – Male, 38, Outpatient

"I just want to thank every single person in here for everything they've done. They will bend over backwards for anybody. I can't express how thankful I am for them. I almost don't want to leave because I will miss the staff." – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"My doctor literally saved my life – not an overstatement! Staff was very friendly and flexible, yet the days were structured. I have my life back! Now to hang onto it! Thank you." – Male, 39, Outpatient

"The therapy groups are amazing and really helped me in my recovery. My doctor is awesome as well. I am very, very impressed with this entire program." – Male, 38, Outpatient

"I have an awesome therapist. She is very encouraging, supportive and provides great insight into situations." – Female, 51, Outpatient

"Staff was attentive to needs of patients. Kitchen staff was awesome at meeting dietary needs. Overall my stay was great." – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

"I received a great deal of help overcoming certain OCD issues. Staff ensured I stayed safe and did an incredible job with one on one. They keeping me busy and my mind occupied while being very friendly." – Male, 24, Mental Wellness

"I want to commend the staff overall for their compassion and professionalism when I felt most vulnerable. They are true icons in the field." – Male, 47, Mental Wellness

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